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Time Management System

The module is a sophisticated time management system detailing your employees’ attendance integrating with various type of electronic time clock. Plus, it is embedded with powerful condition builder features which allows total flexibility in computation.
•  Able to track individual productive hours and also on the lost hours.
•  Accurate and powerful computation with flexible multiple user defined condition builders feature.
•  Reduce time and cost taken to compute monthly attendance allowances or deductions for payroll processing.
•  Consistent calculation methods based on policies set, eliminating adjustments and paper timesheets due to human discretions or prejudice.
•  Useful management real time exception reporting on attendance and lateness, useful tools for management to identify problems and take remedial actions.
•  Reduce the risk of costly payroll errors and provide useful management analysis on the allowances or incentives paid.
•  Unlimited staff record.
•  Multiple companies.
•  Microsoft SQL Express database.
•  Customized reporting of employee's time, effort, activities and funding code usage.
•  For monitoring attendance activities throughout the month.
•  Detail attendance management report.
•  Real-time attendance monitoring.
•  ESS mobile application with GPS Attendance (Android).  
•  Playstore download for ESS demo. Link here




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